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Thank you for considering making a donation! Penn AC appreciates donations of any size. Fundraising is a necessity for rowing clubs like Penn AC, and it serves to establish closer relationships between the club and individuals, or even entire groups of people. It helps close the gap between athlete and you!

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics until July 2021, as well as Final Qualification event until May 15-17, 2021. Penn AC athletes have been preparing for the final Olympic qualification regatta since the delays were announced last summer. The COVID-19 pandemic has also limited Penn AC’s ability to financially support all the training and travel needs of our High Performance Group through this vital time period, due to the loss of key revenue generating programs in 2020.

Please keep this in mind when considering a donation. Penn AC considers its (and other clubs like it) support of sculling and small-boat rowing as critical for the future success of Team USA, particularly for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.

General Club Needs
Penn AC is a 501(c)3 corporation and, as such, relies on donations for a variety of factors, from day to day operations to large scale renovation projects. There are many exciting projects in the works at the club, including a new dock, the (very) early stages of a boathouse renovation/capital campaign and several small projects to increase the rentability of the current space. Any donation, no matter how small helps Penn AC become the premier boathouse on Boathouse Row!

High Performance
Our Mission:
“To create as training environment to cultivate athletes in the pursuit of excellence at the elite level in national and international competition, whether through trials, invitation to National Team selection programs, or direct entry in competition… to establish Penn AC as a pre-eminent elite club in the US, to be a conduit for placing athletes on National and Olympic teams, and to be the officially or unofficially recognized training and development center for the Men’s Quad.”

Since adopting this mission in 2016, Penn AC has been the core development location for the Men’s Quad at World Championships, World Cup, and Henley. Through hard work, dedication, and generous support we have been able to build up our system and our athletes to the point that we are recognized as the top men’s sculling program in the country. And while we’ve sent 5 boats to the past 3 World Championships, we are only just scratching the surface, and we need all the support we can get to continue to improve!






World Championships

World Championships

World Championships

 M4x, M2x

 M4x, LW4x


 M4x (A boat), M2x


World Cup

World Cup

World Cup

 M4x, M2x

 M4x, M2x

 M4x (A boat)




 M4x, M2x, LW4x

M4x (B boat)

(Note that Penn AC is an all-inclusive club, and has trained Open and Light Women, and Light Men as well. Our mission includes helping everyone achieve their highest possible success)

The US system does not produce scullers the way it does 8+ rowers, and these disciplines can differ greatly. By comparison, every athlete that competes in the 8+ has years of development, in their discipline, behind them while scullers generally have only months. Meanwhile our opponents overseas in fact are spending years developing their sculling athletes, and their results have shown it. We aim to level this playing field.

But to do this, we need your help.

Anyone who has ever rowed (or participated in any sport!) has at some time or other benefitted from the generosity of donors and patrons. USRowing does not financially support men’s sculling and though we are working to change this, we are left to raise all monies for ourselves.

Olympic           USRowing                 Development

Boat Class      Funded?                    System                       

W4x                 Yes                              US Training Center

W2x                Yes                               Independent/USTC

LW2x               Partial                          Independent/USTC

W1x                 Yes                              Independent/USTC

M4x                 No                                Club

M2x                 No                                Club

LM2x                Partial                          Independent or Club

M1x                 No                                Club


2021 and Beyond!

To date we have only just begun to establish the system needed to bring the US to a truly competitive level in Olympic sculling. 8 out of 14 Olympic boat classes are sculling, and we feel the US should be better represented on the medals podium. The first step is to place a boat in the Tokyo Olympics. If we can do this (and we are very close!), then we can very seriously begin the process of winning Olympic medals! It sounds simple, but it is not. The Los Angeles Olympics are only 7 years away, and every year we must take steps to close the gap between us and the best in the world. The only way we can do this is through consistent training and racing – by providing these athletes with opportunity to race in the regattas necessary to go to the line at Worlds or Olympics with the experience they need.

Meet the Athletes:

2021 – U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Trials II, Mercer Lake (West Windsor, NJ) April 12-16, 2021
The winning boat at U.S. Trials must then finish in the top 2 at the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne, Switzerland May 15-17, 2021

M4x Penn AC (Schuylkill Navy HPC) trials entry
Charles Anderson (s)
Justin Keen (3)
Eliot Putnam (2)
Sorin Koszyk (b)

M4x Penn AC / Maritime RC trials entry
Chris Shirley (s)
Thaddeus Babiec (3)
Casey Fuller (2)
David Judah (b)

2019 – World Championships, Linz AUT

Michael Knippen (s)
Sebastian Amberger (3)
Greg Ansolabehere (2)
John Graves (b)

Justin Keen (s)
Erik Frid (b)

2018 – World Championships, Plovdiv BUL

Justin Keen (s)
Greg Ansolabehere (3)
Michael Knippen (2)
Erik Frid (b)

2017 – World Championships, Sarasota USA

JP Kierkegard (s)
Luke Wilhelm (3)
Erik Frid (2)
Lenny Futterman (b)

Kat Schiro (s)
Cara Stawicki (3)
Jillian Zieff (2)
Jen Sager (b)