Code of Conduct

RESPECT is the cornerstone of this code of conduct and shall apply to all members of Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association (hereinafter referred to as “PACRA members”). PACRA members shall treat all other members, coaches, high school (tenant) and summer program athletes, parents, and the rowing community with respect.

PACRA members shall sign this statement, thereby demonstrating a commitment to follow the established Code of Conduct:
• I shall always be respectful toward all other rowers, coaches, members, volunteers, or any other person of the rowing community.
• I will not engage in or permit any prohibited actions, including but not limited to psychological, sexual or physical abuse.
• I shall treat race officials, members of the club, coaches, opponents, high school (tenant) and summer program athletes, and volunteers with respect.
• I shall represent PACRA with dignity and good sportsmanship at all regattas.
• I will not engage in or permit any hazing or harassment of any PACRA member or any high school (tenant) or summer program athlete (hazing involves coercing, requiring, forcing or tolerating any humiliating or dangerous activity that serves as a condition for joining a group or being socially accepted by a group; harassment is a repeated pattern of physical and/or non-physical behavior intended (1) to cause fear or humiliation, (2) to offend or degrade, (3) to create a hostile environment, or (4) reflect discriminatory bias against an athlete based on gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression or mental or physical disability).
• I will not engage in or tolerate in others any sexual misconduct toward any PACRA member or any high school (tenant) or summer program athlete (such misconduct involves any touching or non-touching sexual interaction that is nonconsensual or forced, coerced or manipulated, or perpetrated in an aggressive, harassing, exploitative or threatening manner).
• I will not use obscene language and gestures.
• If I choose to consume alcoholic beverages at PACRA, I agree to act responsibly and take great care not to expose those under 21 years of age to alcohol during and after events where alcohol is served.

Disciplinary action for a violation of the Code of Conduct will be commensurate with the nature and extent of the violation, and may include direction to stop the offensive behavior, temporary suspension, or permanent removal from the club. Consent of the Board of Stewards is required prior to temporary or permanent removal of a member or coach.