Friends of Penn AC Membership Guidelines

Parameters of the Friends of Penn AC Membership:
• $150/yr. to cover initial 12-month membership, no matter when someone joins.
• Ages 21 and over (must provide copy of driver’s license)
• Club access via key card
• Entitled to member discount when renting facilities
• Applicants must be approved by designated staff, EC, or Board member
• No voting privileges
• No rowing privileges
• No access to ergs or weights (this could change if there is demand, but to begin with it is not
• Must sign and observe Code of Conduct
• Must sign club waiver

Additional information:
• As a club we are allowed to provide and serve alcohol to members and their guests. This should be done reasonably and responsibly.
• All Penn AC members must take great care not to expose minors (high school athletes, etc.) to alcohol during and after events. Taps must be locked after events. All BYO alcohol must be removed from the club after event.
• Penn AC members may bring 1 guest with them to club events, but any individual can only be a guest one time. After that, they must join as a Friends of Penn AC member.
• Friends of Penn AC member gatherings will have sign-in sheets to show who is in attendance.
• Club will provide a limited number of kegs annually for use by Penn AC members, but members also agree to supplement this with BYO at their events.
• Locks will be installed on beer taps. Penn AC members cannot leave any alcohol at the club.
• Penn AC members will make sure to take all trash and recycling down to the trash area near Kelly
Drive, and clean up bar area and trophy room of any spills after events.
• If fireplace is used, Penn AC members agree to follow club rules for max wind speed outside to avoid down drafts, and to clean up around fireplace after fire is completely extinguished.
• Friends of Penn AC members can schedule regular events (suggestion put forward of last Thursday of every month), but should be aware that Penn AC may need to reschedule a ‘monthly’ event if there is a rental opportunity or need to hold a club meeting on the regular date. (Wednesday evenings are the typical nights for Exec./Board meetings.)
• All Penn AC Senior and HPG members are invited to participate in Friends of Penn AC member events, provided they are 21 years or older.