HPG Code of Conduct

This Contract/Code of Conduct has been established by Penn ACRA for all athletes participating in PennACRA’s High Performance Group (HPG). These rules and regulations establish values and govern all actions pertaining to the active members of the program.

PennACRA’s HPG philosophy is:

  • Based upon a commitment to the program, a regular schedule of training, and quality competition.
  • Intended to develop the full potential of all athletes, both as an individual athlete and as a team member.
  • Focused on recognizing that success is primarily the by-product of one’s personal attitude toward training and competing within a group.
  • Based upon good sportsmanship, respect for team members and coaches, dedication, strong work ethic and teamwork.

PennACRA’s requirements of HPG athletes:

  • Organize your lives to accommodate the training and competing schedules.
  • Attend all training sessions with a mindset to become an elite rower. The athlete is responsible for a positive and supportive attitude with teammates, coaches and PennACRA.
  • Arrive early enough to be fully prepared for the start of training or competition.
  • Inform your coaches, in advance, of any reason you are not going to be at a training or competition. Inform your coaches of any modification you intend to make regarding training or competition.
  • Recognize that your first responsibility as an HPG athlete is to meet and exceed PennACRA’s expectations.


  • The best personal behavior and sportsmanship before, during and after a training or competition event.
  • The athlete respects the role of the coaches and accepts the outcome of the many tough decisions made regarding racing and training.
  • It is the responsibility of each athlete to refrain from participating in any physical or verbal altercation with another athlete, coach, club member or official.

All practices or competitions are mandatory unless otherwise discussed and approved by the coaches in advance.

All injuries should be reported to the coaches immediately.  Injured athletes must get the professional opinion of a doctor or trainer.

The abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs, performance enhancing drugs or tobacco will not be allowed by members of the HPG.

Athletes and coaches are responsible for seeing that the Contract/Code of Conduct is upheld. Failure to follow the Contract/Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary actions by PennACRA.

The following signature confirms that you have a clear understanding of the Philosophy and Requirements of the PennACRA HPG program. Even more importantly, your signature should represent your mutual commitment to adhere to the Philosophy and Requirements expressed in this agreement.